No need to can bypass lines altogether

What It Is

BypassLines is a platform designed to offer key benefits of mobile technology to shoppers and retailers, including improved customer service, increased sales, decreased operational costs and more. The platform is centered around a mobile app for shoppers that provides a variety of capabilities, including self-scanning, food ordering, and more.

Features include:

  • Real-time order visualization and management.
  • Robust management platform
  • Real-time customer purchasing data

How it works

Convention centers, stadiums, refineries and other large businesses with onsite cafeterias or food counters can implement on-premise delivery. The platform allows customers the ability to order and pay for food. They will have the option to either pickup their items or have it delivered indoors. If customers are located in the venue, they can use the Scan & Go feature to scan their purchases and pay for them within the mobile app – bypassing the checkout .

Become a Partner

If you want to increase sales and add more customers, get started with BypassLines to take advantage of these benefits

  • Customizable to any venue
  • Simple system integration with little to no disruption in services
  • Ease of digital menu creation
  • Increase food ordering convenience

Enable BypassLines at your venue!


With BypassLines customers eliminate the need to stand in lines and have a cashless experience

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