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Join our winning team of 
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BypassLines is your trusted partner for higher education 
fundraising. From scholarships to research initiatives, we 
help institutions with fast, and easy fundraising programs. 
With a proven track record, and strategic approach, we are 
the world's most famous, and result-oriented fundraisers.

How can BypassLines help to raise 
funds for Higher Education 
Institutions ?

We have transformed many dreams into reality and consistently shaped 
the bright future of many higher education institution students.

Empowering education

We ignite change, create several fundraising opportunities, and 
pave the way for a brighter future for students. Develop 
strategic fundraising campaigns with BypassLines to empower 
higher education institutions, break barriers, inspire minds, and 
shape the leaders of tomorrow.

Pace the fundraise

We delve deep into the institution’s values, goals, & audience to 
discover the entities that need to be showcased & promoted to 
raise funds. Our customized fundraising campaigns help your 
higher education institution rise above the noise & create a 
distinct identity in the academic sectors by raising funds for 
scholarships, infrastructure, research, & development.

Alumni engagement programs

Engaging alumni is one of the key aspects of fundraising for 
higher education institutions. From virtual reunions to 
mentorship initiatives, we provide a great platform for alumni to 
contribute effectively and drive fundraising success.

Donor partnerships & sponsorships

We forge partnerships with retailers & businesses to create 
win-win opportunities that drive fundraising success—our 
online fundraising platform for higher education institution list 
products & services to sell & raise donations quickly. A fixed 
percentage of each purchase will be contributed to support the 
financial needs.

Corporate Initiatives

Explore our fundraising initiatives like matching gift programs, 
sponsorship programs, research collaborations, workforce 
development partnerships, fundraising events, campaigns, and 
name endowments to support infrastructure and academic 

Making the right connection

We believe in making long-term relationships with our partners 
and supporters. With the right tools and strategies, online 
fundraising can be a powerful force to bring a positive change in 
higher education and engage donors on social media.

Features of online 
fundraising for HEIs

BypassLines is the catalyst behind unexpected fundraising and remarkable 
transformation in the realm of higher education.

User-friendly Interface

User-friendly Interface

Customizable Donation Pages

Customizable Donation Pages

180+ Currencies

180+ Currencies

Donor recognition

Donor recognition

100+ U.s. Cities

100+ U.s. Cities

TLS/SSL encryption

TLS/SSL encryption

Product Marketplace

Product Marketplace

24*7 Customer Support

24*7 Customer Support

Fraud Detection

Fraud Detection

How does BypassLines 

Create a free account

To raise funds or donate, users can easily sign in create an 
account on the BypassLines by providing basic details like 
the organization’s name, fundraising goals, target audience, 
and financial needs.

Build your school fundraising network

When customers are checking out at participating 
merchants on the BypassLines network, they are prompted 
to select a charitable organization they would like to support. 
In addition, if a customer creates a profile, they can add a 
charitable organization to their profile to extend their funding 

Start getting donations

With the preferred fundraising organization, we can help to 
optimize its impact and engagement to attract potential 
donors & supporters. For eligible purchases through 
BypassLines, we raise funds up to 10% of the purchase price 
to the customer’s selected charitable organization with all 
applicable terms and conditions.

Why choose BypassLines for 
Higher Education 
Institutions fundraising?

Easy to use platform

Get easy fundraising and online product sales on our user-friendly 
platform that provides a seamless interface and intuitive features. 
Use powerful dashboards and tools that empower organizations 
to raise funds and sell products effortlessly.


24*7 support

We provide continuous support for your 
higher education institution's fundraising 
needs. Contact us anytime to know all 
about fundraising campaigns, selling 
products online, payment gateways, and 
fundraising methods.


Our fundraisers 
have stories to share


Thanks to BypassLines:
BypassLines fundraising platform has transformed our high school soccer team's fundraising event into an extraordinary success. This innovative platform has empowered us to dream big and reach new heights in our fundraising efforts. From the moment we joined the platform, we experienced a seamless onboarding process that set us up for success. Engaging with our supporters, friends, and local community has been nothing short of amazing. BypassLines fundraising platform provided us with interactive features that allowed us to showcase our team's talent, share updates on our games and tournaments, and mobilize our community for support. The platform's user-friendly interface made it easy for everyone to participate and contribute to our fundraising cause. What truly sets BypassLines fundraising platform apart is its commitment to supporting local businesses and fostering community connections. By collaborating with local vendors and promoting their products, we created a symbiotic relationship that benefited both our fundraising event and the local economy. The platform became a catalyst for unity and growth, amplifying our impact on and off the field. Thanks to BypassLines fundraising platform, we not only reached but surpassed our fundraising goals with unprecedented success. The platform's robust features, analytics, and the continuous support from their dedicated team played a pivotal role in our achievement. We highly recommend BypassLines fundraising platform to any organization, whether it's a high school soccer team or any other group, looking to exceed their fundraising targets while making a positive impact in their community.

Daniel Ramirez

High School Soccer Team

Our fundraisers 
have stories to share


Thanks to BypassLines:
BypassLines fundraising platform has transformed our high school soccer team's fundraising event into a monumental success. The platform's innovative approach and user-friendly interface have revolutionized the way we engage with our community and raise funds. From the moment we joined the platform, the onboarding process was seamless, enabling us to quickly launch our fundraising campaigns. The platform's interactive features have been a game-changer for us. We were able to share the passion and dedication of our soccer team, provide updates on our matches, and create a buzz among our supporters. The platform's integration with social media channels amplified our reach and attracted more individuals to contribute to our fundraising cause. One of the standout aspects of BypassLines fundraising platform is its commitment to supporting local businesses. By partnering with local vendors, we not only raised funds for our team but also fostered community connections. It's a win-win situation that uplifts both our fundraising efforts and the local economy. Thanks to BypassLines fundraising platform, we not only achieved but exceeded our fundraising goals, surpassing all expectations. The platform's advanced features, personalized donation pages, and comprehensive analytics provided us with invaluable insights and tools to optimize our campaigns and drive results. We wholeheartedly recommend BypassLines fundraising platform to any high school soccer team seeking to elevate their fundraising game. This dynamic and innovative tool will ignite your team's passion, engage your community, and help you reach and surpass your fundraising goals like never before. Don't miss out on the opportunity to experience the transformative power of BypassLines fundraising platform and make a lasting impact both on and off the soccer field.

Megan Patterson

High School Soccer Team

Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s)

Can I track my donation for Higher Education Institution fundraising?

We believe in transparency and offer tracking functionality on the 
dashboard, allowing users to check the status of their donations or 
purchases. You can also access a personalized dashboard to check the 
transaction details, shipping progress, and donation.

Can I make a direct donation without purchasing a product?

Our platform offers an easy and convenient way for individuals to donate 
directly without purchasing products. You can contribute a specific amount 
towards the fundraising campaign within the higher education institution.

How can I raise funds for Higher Education Institutions with BypassLines?

You can raise funds online for higher education institutions by registering 
your organization at BypassLines. We provide an amazing opportunity to 
raise funds through campaigns and selling products and services online.

How are the funds distributed to Higher Education Institutions?

The funds raised through BypassLines: The best online fundraising 
platform is typically distributed through transparent and secure precedure. 
The fund flow process is appropriately allocated to support various 
educational initiatives as specified by the institute.

How secure is the payment gateway on BypassLines?

At BypassLines, we prioritize the security of all transactions made online 
through payment gateways. We have integrated secured payment modes 
to safeguard sensitive information. All information will be protected 
throughout the fundraising process.

Can I customize the fundraising campaign to raise funds?

Join hands with BypassLines to start your campaign as per your business 
requirement. List your fundraising requirement to our team. Based on that, 
we will provide you with the best solution to raise funds for higher 
education institutions.

Transforming Lives with 
Education at BypassLines

Join us to open doors to education & ignite learning with BypassLines fundraising today!

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